Important Machinery Packaging Tips To Remain Cognizant Of


If you manufacture complex or expensive machinery, you want to go above and beyond with how it is packaged. Then there won't be as many packaging and shipping incidents that occur. Here are some machinery packaging tips that can get you started in the right direction.

Use High-Quality Tape With Boxes

If your machinery is being sent off in boxes, which is usually the preferred shipping method for smaller and lighter components, then you want to focus your attention on the tape that is used. Getting subpar tape can cause boxes to open and then expose your machinery to potential damage.

You need a tape that is going to support the box materials that you plan on working with regardless of the environment. Waterproof tape can really hold up around your boxes to keep a tight seal until your machinery arrives.

Crate Larger Machinery

Boxes are not going to suffice when your machinery is rather large. The machinery would just break through the boxes and then could damage. Crates are probably going to be the only thing you want to consider using to ensure the weight and size of your machinery are properly supported throughout shipping.

Ordering packaging crates is a pretty straightforward process. You will just measure the size of your machinery being packaged and then estimate its weight. Then you can work with crate suppliers to get specific crates rated to hold up based on the details you provide.

Put Durable Labels on Packaging Materials

In order for your machinery to be sent to the correct destination on time, labels will be required on the packaging supporting the machinery. Do not be careless with the type of labels you use though because then they might not make it through shipping.

Like you do with packaging tape, you need to verify shipping labels have a durable nature. That might mean looking for labels that are waterproof, UV-resistant, and potentially chemical-resistant. Then whatever environment these labels come in contact with, important identification on them won't have the chance to come off and throw off your shipping operations with machinery.

Manufacturing machinery for different industries involves a lot of key steps. That includes putting these machines in special packaging materials. If you observe the right protocols early, then there won't be as many shipping mistakes that fall on your company's shoulders. Instead, shipping can become routine and something you continue to refine. 


30 July 2021

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