Starting A Clothing Business? Know What Shipping Material And Tools You'Ll Need To Fulfill Orders


Have you decided to start your own online clothing store where you'll be shipping items out to your customers? If so, you'll need to know what kind of shipping materials and tools you'll need in order to fulfill orders.

Thermal Label Maker

When shipping is something that you do frequently, you are not going to want to mess with making a template in a word processing software and printing them out onto label sheets. Consider investing in a thermal label maker to make creating shipping labels easier. Not only do these thermal label makers not require ink, but they can print out single shipping labels at a time that can be peeled and placed right on your package.


Over time you are going to learn the weights of items that you frequently ship from your memory. Until you get to that point, you'll need a scale in order to weigh your packages. This ensures that you have the exact weight of your items so you are not overestimating and paying more in shipping. Some shipping providers even allow you to save yourself a trip to the store if you can confirm the weight of items on a scale that they provide.

Poly Mailers 

Everything you sell will likely not require a box with bubble wrap. If you are selling clothing, you can likely use lightweight poly mailers to put the item in and give it protection. In addition, a lightweight mailer is going to reduce your item's shipping cost, which brings the cost of flat shipping down for your customers. You should be purchasing a variety of mailers in different sizes so that you are ready to go to fulfill various sized orders. If you can prevent the need to ship items in a box you will end up saving a lot of money over time.

Custom Tissue Paper

You will want to add a nice touch to your packages so it does not seem like an item that is thrown into a bag. A good tip is to order custom wrapping paper with your company's logo on it. The lightweight doesn't add to the package's total weight, and it adds a nice personal touch when the item comes out of the bag and has that extra bit of packing material so it stands out. In addition, it will help ensure that the clothing you are shipping stays clean if it is not in a bag already.  


3 November 2020

Lowering Your Shipping Costs

When I started going through our books to see where we were losing money, I was astonished to see how much we were losing on shipping. We were spending a boatload on shipping, and I knew that it needed to stop. I met with our shipping department, and they talked about some of the issues they had been facing, including trying to find small enough boxes and using packing tape that just didn't work well. We started trying to figure out how to lower these costs, and we figured things out pretty quickly. This blog is all about eliminating waste and speeding up your shipping procedures.