5 Tips To Designing Box Packaging For A Subscription Box Service


Subscription box services are the hot new eCommerce service. In fact, Forbes states that the market has over 41 million people visiting subscription box sites a month. The recent pandemic has only seen those numbers increase as people are relying on delivery services instead of physically shopping for goods and services. With such an array of choices available to consumers, however, first impressions are more important than ever. Your box packaging can make or break that first impression. 

Box Type

There are many types of boxes to choose from for your subscription box. Padded mailers work for smaller items, like stickers, but mailer boxes work better for bulkier items. If you need to ensure crush protection, corrugated shipping boxes offer a sturdier solution.


White or a natural cardboard are the least expensive options for the color of your box, but that does not make for the best first impression. A better choice would be to spend the extra money and use your company's colors on the exterior of the box. You could also opt for a plain exterior with a pop of color on the inside for a surprise element. 


The size of the box you choose has a direct effect on the shipping cost. You need to choose a box size that not only fits your items each and every month, but also gives the impression of value to the recipient. 

Photos & Logos

Another box packaging element to consider is using either your company logo or photos on the exterior or interior of the box. Your goal is to look exciting to your target audience. Just as when you give a gift to a friend, you want the packaging itself to be as exciting as the contents. 

Printing Method

There are multiple printing methods available for your box packaging. Flexographic printing is the most common method. With this option, the image is stamped onto the box by a rotating printing plate. Digital printing is another option available for subscription boxes. In this case, the entire box goes through the printing press. This method is most often used for smaller runs. There is also a lithographic label that can be printed, separated, and then applied to each box, like a giant sticker. Each option has pros and cons best discussed directly with your box packaging company.

Social media channels are key to low-cost marketing for your subscription box. Making your subscription box 'shareworthy' is key to getting people to post photos of your box on social media after they receive it. Plain box packaging with just your name printed across the top is not worthy.


2 July 2020

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