Three Things to Understand About Air Cargo Transport


Air cargo transport is a way to transport large quantities of items quickly across the United States using an airplane. It is an effective way to ship cargo that you need to get to its destination quickly, and you don't have time for it to be shipped using vehicles across the country.

#1 Size Matters When Shipping Via Air Cargo

First, keep in mind that size matters when you are shipping via air cargo. An item that is really small often cannot be shipped on its own because the cost is too high to ship that item by itself. Small items often have to be combined with other shipping items from other customers in order to qualify for air cargo transport.

With air cargo transport, more is often better. If you have enough cargo on your own to fill up the space on the airplane, you have more control over when the airplane is loaded up and gets to its destination. Shipping large amounts, and taking advantage of all the space that you are paying for, is often the way to go when it comes to air cargo transport.

#2 Distance Impacts Overall Shipping Costs

Second, distance is a very important factor when it comes to shipping costs with air cargo. When shipping via air cargo, you are paying for the fuel and personnel costs that come with shipping items long-distance. The farther you have to ship the item, the more it will cost. Keep in mind though that short flights can be expensive as well, as the airplane still has to be fueled up and you need to cover personnel time. If you can drive your cargo to its destination in a day, that is often a better option cost-wise. If you can't get your cargo there in a day, paying for cargo transport services makes more sense.

#4 Quick Shipping Costs

With air cargo, if a plane is available, you can often rush the shipping. For example, you could get an item somewhere by the afternoon if you ship it in the morning. If you have cargo that needs to get somewhere quickly, you can pay for the extra speed and get your cargo where it needs to with a few hours' time.

If you want to ship something large and get it there quickly, air cargo can be the way to go. It can allow you to quickly get goods to their destination in a timely manner. Remember that the size and weight of the package, as well as the shipping distance via air miles, is going to impact the overall shipping price.


28 January 2019

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