Having Your Vehicle Shipped


When you are faced with the need to have your vehicle transported long distances, it may not always be possible for you to drive or tow the vehicle. While there are many companies that specialize in shipping vehicles, there are several steps that individuals should always follow when they are needing to have their vehicle shipping.

Disable the Vehicle Alarm

During the course of the shipping process, the vehicle may be bumped or jostled enough to cause the car alarm to go off. If this occurs during the shipping process, the workers may not have a way to stop the alarm, which can lead to the battery in the vehicle being drained. By disconnecting the vehicle alarm, you can avoid this type of issue.

Ensure You Have the Appropriate Documentation

Prior to accepting a vehicle for shipping, most auto transportation services will ask to see documentation proving that the person or company shipping the vehicle is the legal owner of it. Most of these companies will insist on seeing the title or registration of the vehicle to verify ownership, but you will want to contact these services to determine the exact type of documentation that you will be required to submit.

Remove Any Unnecessary Items From the Vehicle

Some individuals may attempt to use their vehicle that is being shipped to transport items. However, this is unadvisable due to the risk of damage occurring. Doing this can also make the vehicle a higher target for thieves or vandals. You should remove any items from the interior of the vehicle that are not directly related to the vehicle. Also, you may want to thoroughly clean the vehicle. The vehicle can be exposed to pests during the shipping process, and thoroughly cleaning the interior can remove food or other items that may attract them to the vehicle's interior.

Purchase a Shipping Insurance Policy for the Vehicle

It is common for individuals to feel somewhat nervous about shipping their vehicle. This is understandable considering the high value of the vehicle as well as the difficulties that can arise if it is damaged, stolen, or destroyed. You standard auto insurance policy is unlikely to offer protection during shipping, which can leave your vehicle exposed to these liabilities. By purchasing an insurance policy that is designed to cover the types of issues that can arise during the shipping process for a vehicle, you can ensure that this valuable asset is protected throughout its journey.


29 October 2018

Lowering Your Shipping Costs

When I started going through our books to see where we were losing money, I was astonished to see how much we were losing on shipping. We were spending a boatload on shipping, and I knew that it needed to stop. I met with our shipping department, and they talked about some of the issues they had been facing, including trying to find small enough boxes and using packing tape that just didn't work well. We started trying to figure out how to lower these costs, and we figured things out pretty quickly. This blog is all about eliminating waste and speeding up your shipping procedures.