Keeping Your Shipping Containers Secure: Three Options To Consider


When you have storage containers loaded and waiting for transport, they can be potential targets for theft. Would-be criminals may want to access the valuable contents inside, so you'll want to take extra measures to secure your inventory. Fortunately, there are several ways you can do this. Here are some of the many options you may want to consider.

Security Fencing

If you don't already have security fencing around the perimeter of your facility, you may want to consider installing it. The fencing can help to protect your shipping containers as well as your warehouse and other buildings. Look for tall chain link fencing with barbed wire at the top, and think about adding a windscreen that obstructs the view of your property from the outside. For property with a dedicated space for shipping containers, adding a second fence just around the containers can provide an added layer of security.

Shipping Container Lock Boxes

There are several manufacturers that produce lock boxes specifically designed for shipping containers. These come with heavy-duty construction to withstand the rigors of being transported by train, plane, or boat, and they cover your padlocks securely to prevent tampering. Each lock box offers enough room to open the padlock with a key, but not enough room to use tools to break the lock. You can have a lock box welded to each of your shipping containers for a permanent security option, or you can opt for removable units. If lock boxes aren't an option for your shipping containers, you can also choose to use heavy-duty pad locks on their own. Remember that you will need to make sure that anyone receiving your goods has a key to open the container when it arrives.

Exterior Lighting

Keeping your shipping container storage area brightly lit can help to deter potential thieves and vandals. Lights with motion sensors turn on only when movement is detected, while permanent lighting keeps the area lit all through the night. If you have a night crew that works loading and unloading your shipping containers, permanent lighting might be the best option. However, if your facility is not staffed at night, motion sensor lights offer a way to conserve energy while still providing the light needed to help keep criminals at bay.

Have a member of your staff inspect the shipping containers throughout the day, particularly in the morning when your business opens, to look for signs of tampering or theft. Being vigilant about security can help to keep your shipping containers safe from damage and theft. For more information, contact companies like Ammonite.


7 September 2017

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