Custom Packaging Solutions For Your Shipping Needs


Whether you are shipping products across town or around the world, you need packaging that will protect your product and ensure that it gets to your customer in working order. If you need to ship something but a standard shipping box just won't get the job done, you may need to consider custom packaging solutions. There are a lot of options for you and even companies offering custom construction of packaging for your product.  

How Large Is Your Product?  

One of the first things to consider is the size of the product you will be shipping. The reasons this is a concern is that it affects the shipping method. If you are shipping a truck engine, you will need more than a cardboard box and the postal carrier to pick it up. In the case of a company that creates a product and ships a lot, your carrier solution may be already decided, but for overly large or special shipments, you may need to consider an alternative to your standard shipper.  

Deciding On A Material For Your Shipping Container  

The size, shape, and weight of your item is the determining factor in this area. Sometimes a very large item is very light and can still ship in cardboard but the dimensions or shape make it hard to package. If this is a one-time shipment, it may be best to have a shipper package it for you but if you are going to be repeatedly shipping the same item to many customers, have a custom box designed for the item is a great idea. There are companies that can work with you to design the box, supporting pieces for inside the box, and lids to fit. This is pretty common in production industries and makes repeated shipping of the product simple.  

Crating a Product For Shipping  

If the product is heavy or needs special care, a custom crate is a great option. There are companies that will come to you and build the crate around the product so that it is a perfect fit and protects the item from your door to the customers. Typically the crate if made from wood and while it might take a little time to design and build, if done right, it will be the best protection for your item. There are companies that have turned to crating products that you might not expect. In fact, there is at least one computer company that has started boxing their computers then putting them in a wooden crate to ship them to the customer. The level of production you need can only be decided by you but, in many cases, it is better to have more protection than having a product or item arrive damaged.

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25 June 2017

Lowering Your Shipping Costs

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